Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Buys The Horses ? :
    Four Legs Racing has a team of highly specialised individuals who are constantly monitoring the marketplace with a view to finding the best horse for our needs and budget.
  • What Does The Cost Include ? :
    You are paying for an interest in a Thoroughbred Racehorse”. All training costs and fees included. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS!
  • Can I See My Horse In South Africa ? :
    Yes, you would be welcome to come and see your horse whenever you like. If you decide to come, let us know, we can advise on the best time to visit to see your horse run.
  • Who Trains The Horse ? :
    The horse will be placed with a leading South Africa trainer with a track record in preparing top class racehorses to win top class races.
  • Can I Name The Horse ? :
    If the horse does not already have a name, the partners will agree on a suitable name, each partner will have an input and provided there is agreement and the name is available, we will use that name.
  • How Will I Know When My Horse Is Running ? :
    Racing plans will develop as the horse’s career progresses, partners will be kept fully informed of short term and long-term strategies and running plans.
  • How Long Will The Horse Race ? :
    We expect the horse to be running as a two and three year old. The horse will be under constant review with a view to maximising it’s potential as a racehorse and as a resale proposition.

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